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12"x12" sheet fully opaque pattern printed on white adhesive vinyl. See our available vinyl type options below, along with their descriptions. Usable, printed area of the print is a full 12"x12".

SMALL SHEETS: Small sheets are perfect for using on smaller items such as acrylic or wood blanks, wrapping pens, keychains, etc. They are scaled down versions of the larger 12"x12" sheets. You can also use them on smaller tumblers, or use on larger tumblers that you do not want to wrap the entire tumbler with the vinyl. They may have a small size variation between 5.5"-5.9" squares. 

OPAQUE PRINTS:  These patterns are printed on opaque, white matte adhesive Oracal vinyl, and you cannot see through any part of the patterns on this vinyl option.

SEMI-TRANSPARENT PRINTS: These patterns are printed on clear adhesive vinyl, and feature a white ink base layer behind the colored ink so that your vinyl can be applied and seen over any color base, even dark base colors, as well as allowing your base color to show through in the blank areas of the pattern.

TRANSPARENT PRINTS: These patterns are printed on clear/transparent adhesive vinyl with no white ink, so the printed pattern will be transparent and show your base underneath l through the pattern; these patterns will need to be applied onto a light colored base.

SPECIALTY PRINTS: These are patterns that are printed on metallic, opal, and holographic adhesive vinyl. 

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